Student Wise

  1. Studentwise is one of South Africa's leading promotions, activations and eventing agencies. We offer a wide range of promotional assignments that pay well, pay quickly and help to build your work experience.
  2. We want you!

    If you're an enthusiastic, outgoing, reliable and bright student or graduate (with a certain something special) we want you to join our elite team!

    Earn cash - Earn experience

    Work with exciting clients and earn some extra cash while you study. Studentwise is a great launchpad to the working world and will look good on your CV! Join Studentwise.

  3. Apply now

    01 Give us a call OR fill in the online application:
    Phone your region's Isilumko Activate offices and ask to speak to one of the Isilumko Activate campaign coordinators. We'll check if you're the right type of person for us - and that this is the right type of work for you. Pass round one and we'll schedule you for an interview.

    02 Come and meet us..
    And we'll put you through your paces to check if you have what it takes...

    03 Complete the paperwork... All going well
    You'll be invited to come in on a registration day to activate your membership.

  4. To apply:

    You'll need to bring with you: 2 ID photos of yourself, Your bank details (so that we can pay you for the work you do!) and a completed indemnity form (if you're under 21)

    Contact us

    JHB011 267 2920
    CPT021 461 3609
    DBN031 312 8130
    PE041 365 1012
    PTA012 342 0090